Aug 28, 2020 10:10AM

The list of nominees for this year's 2020 Niagara Music Awards has been announced! Congratulations to all of our nominees!

Adult Contemporary Artist
Adam James - friends
Ashley Sienna - when I’m single
Jessica Wilson - sick
Light Spectrum - I’m sorry
Maceo- space
Mel Monaco - volition
Nico TK - kerosene
Riley Michaels - now I know
Ryan Lunn - ghost story
VALERIE - lockdown
Victorthegiant - walkin’

Album of the Year
BeePax - go through hell
Ezza CG - just before dawn
Grim Fandango - cartoon ghosts
Jimmy Stahl featuring Genevieve-Renee Bisson - I just found out about love
Jimmy Stahl featuring Michael Vanhevel - swinging on a star
John Lepp - taking my way
Light Spectrum - Summer Nights
Ryan Langdon - lit in the sticks

Blues Artist
Gravely James - All my money
Maeve Davis - Restless Heart

Country Artist
Chris Scott - highway of tears
Mike Lynch - she called me lover
NT 1078 featuring Alpana Skies - what’s best for you
Ryan Langdon- feelin’ that
Samantha Ava - little old me
The Handsome Devils - race you to the bottom

Hyland and Kavai - Balyhoo
Kromatik (Wes Gauthier) - sub clinical
MCON Thrust - bubblegum pop
Polychronic (Dave Moore) - why not
Protocell- portal for evil
Soda fountain to the stars - stupid dumb dance track

Daniel Belasco - glass Apple bonzai - the end of the wold
Grim Fandango (Josh kalogerakos) - cartoon ghosts
Light Spectrum - only you
Lunder the influence - Ryan Lunn - a ghost story
Matt Keighan - midnight sons - fall from hope
Pluto Hann - Kelly Hendrix - is heaven real
TAWGS - Ryan Lunn - embers
TumbekTrain - hall of fame

Female Vocalist
Barbara Mantini - not so fast
Errhnd - Atbp2
Genevieve - Renee Bisson - I just found out about love
Maeve Davis - restless heart
Mel Monaco - volition
Moonfox (Emma lee fleury) - frequencies
Paige Kopp- Violet
Samantha Ava - sweet Tennessee
VALERIE- lockdown

Folk Artist
Anthony Abbruscato - crossroads
G.Eorge - the poet
Gravelly James - songs from Steve’s shed
John Lepp - taking my way
Ryan Lunn - Ghost Story

Heavy Metal
Laid to rest
Ocular Trauma
Temple of Night

Hip Hop
Aerostylez - vibe
BeePax - holy moly
Bryxeisdead - pop star
CDOT - something to prove
D-Pax - listen
Eric laurent - ghoul city
Ezza CG featuring I’ll table manners - lemonade renegade
ILL table manners featuring L. Write and humble hab - get some
Johnny Armani - bodies in Canada
Josh Monroe featuring young stitch - when I’m mad
Keandreongo- just bars
Kelly Hendrix featuring mavis lane & Pluto Hann - is heaven real
Kid hitz featuring lil nucci - bags up
Nick Bee - lane
RiRi 3500 - brazy
Steve ink featuring young stitch - lying to myself
Swish Styles - white witch
Tino Punch - Tic tic boom
Indigenous artist or group
WillPower- sold soul
Cam Laforme - pow wow poetry

Jake Reynolds- pawns
MCon Thrust - pretty cool
Mike Palermo- taxi 13
Rusty McCarthy - Michigan twilight
Soda Fountain to the Stars - surburban fun attractive teenager summer life
Space basement collective- leap ear 2020

Barbara Mantini - not so fast
Jimmy Stahl featuring Genevieve-renee Bisson - every day I have the blues
Jimmy stahl featuring Michael vanhevel - make someone happy

Male Vocal
G.EORGE - the poet
Nico TK - kerosene
Riley Micheals - now I know
Ryan Langdon - feelin’ that
Ryan Lunn - ghost story
Victorthegiant - walkin’

Music Video
BeePax - holy moly
Cassandra - I live Christmas
Duskwalker - shawdow creeper
Ezza CG featuring Darrell Mxller- O.J
Handsome Devils - country western band
Kid hitz featuring lil nucci - bags up
Maceo - space
Maysides - any girl
Mel Monaco - volition
Method 2 madness - Dia de los meurtos
Moonfox - frequencies
Ryan Lunn - ghost rider
Swish styles - white witch
The real budzi- Distance! Quarantine! Isolation!
VALERIE- no more bad dreams
Victorthegiant- walkin’

New Artist
Adam James
Ashley Sienna
Cassandra Difruscio
Don sway Sosa
Eric Laurent
Johnny Lepp
Light Spectrum
Maci wood
Robert Alfieri
Samantha Ava

New Group
Daylight burners
Filet of soul
Method 2 madness
Shady business
Shallo water
Space basement collective

Original Song
Adam James - friends
BeePax - Soaceship
Cassandra I love Christmas
CDOT - something to prove
Errunhrd - Atbp2
Fool proof - violet
ILL table manners featuring L. Write & humble hab - get some
Jessica wilson - sick
Light Spectrum featuring marrika sanders - I’m sorry
Maysides - any girl
Nico TK - kerosene
Riley micheals- now I know
Ryan Lunn - a ghost story
Shady business - jam #051
Tumbektrain - hall of fame

Original Group
Advancing low lives
DJ Arum & The POE - pop culture
Fool proof
Shady business
Road waves

Brandon walker for jimmy stahl band - just found out about love
Dean Malton for mauve Davis - restless heart
Errnhrd for errnhrd - Atbp2
ILL table manners for ILL table manners featuring L. Write and humble hab - get some
Kid Hitz for kid hitz featuring lil nucci - bags up
Rabby Teng - lying to myself

Advancing low-lives - alone in my room
Maysides - any girl
Welland Wasted - democracy & hypocrisy

Expose the north
Rafik Guirguis
Rob repovs
Lunn consulting
Will Dridge

Breaking still - tired
Cocktails - silver brass and gold
Evan Rotella - if I was a rockstar
Foolproof- violet
Grim Fandango- cartoon ghosts
Hazy T - punk boy
Method 2 madness - we’re only human
Midnight sons - fall from grace
NT 1078 featuring Sara Ireland - willow

Adam James - friends
Anthony Abbruscato - crossroads
Chris Scott - highway of tears
G.EORGE - the poet
Gravely James - sings from Steve’s shed
Mel Monaco - volition
Robert Tanos - life goes on
Ryan Lunn - embers
VALERIE - lockdown