Niagara Music Awards 2017, Niagara Music Week 2017
Feast Street – Welland – Niagara Music Awards Stage

Niagara Music Week Stage


12:00-12:30         Tuscany

12:40-1:10           Sarah Boulton

1:20-1:50              Katey Gatta

2:00-2:30              Jessica Wilson

2:40-3:10              Everett Champion 

3:20-3:50              Cory Cruise

4:00-4:30             Spencer Mackenzie

4:45-5:15              Brad battle 

5:30-6:15              Vinyl flux

6:30-7:15              Revive the rose

7:30-8:15              Sunset Strip

8:30-9:15              Hardrockhooligans

9:30-11:00           Street Pharmacy


Feast Street Niagara is an event taking place in Downtown Welland joining the community together with food, culture and entertainment. With food vendors offering samples of their awesome dishes you will be able to experience a variety of fun and feast for the whole family.